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Black marbles

Last updated Jan 08, 2020

Black feels cold and uninhibited. But the atmosphere created by black marble, not lost in white and gray
Let ’s take a look together
High-end home effects created by black marble!

Black galaxy is one of the most traded stones in the world
Is a medium to fine-grained bronze pyroxene gabbro
It is called black granite in Chinese and American building materials markets

Black gold flower marble can create a perfect atmosphere for the building
It can bring the project to a higher level, especially in the kitchen and cabinet countertops. It will allow designers to have unlimited creative design inspiration and turn it into reality

Black gold flower is one of the very precious stone varieties in natural marble. It is mainly used for interior wall and floor decoration.
In interior decoration, it is also often used in TV countertops, window sills, door covers, stone pillars, fireplaces, etc.

Black wood grain refers to the black and white wood texture marble strip structure is clear and wavy.
The rock body has a particulate crystalline structure with moderate hardness and good gloss. Bold vintage effect
Can't be described as not high-end

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