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Last updated Jan 08, 2020

15th to 16th century Italy, liberating indoor staircases from traditional closed spaces, making it a decorative architectural component with a variety of shapes

Stairs can be divided into single-run stairs, double-run stairs, and multi-run stairs according to the segment.
Ladder plane shapes are straight, polyline and curved

The scissors staircase is composed of a pair of parallel running parallel ladders in opposite directions, or a pair of single running
straight ladders that overlap each other but are not connected.
The cross section is in the shape of scissors, which can pass more people and save space at the same time.

Spiral staircase are supported by fan-shaped steps on the neutral pillars. Although they are not comfortable to walk,
they save space and are suitable for places with fewer people and less frequent use.
Circular, semi-circular, curved staircases, supported by curved beams or curved plates, the steps are slightly fan-shaped,
the patterns are diverse, the shapes are lively,and the decoration is suitable for public buildings.

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