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Stone bathroom design, elegant home space

Last updated Jan 13, 2020

The variety of stone colors and the ever-changing texture, bathroom stone materials in the use of color materials are very diverse, including marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, slate, quartz stone and so on. However, marble and granite are mainly used in bathroom stone.
Marble used in bathrooms should be made of harder materials with higher density. Try to avoid using marbles with soft materials and high water absorption. Due to the special environmental conditions of toilets and bathrooms, the water and gas are humid, damp, and moldy, and they are often exposed to daily chemicals such as detergents, so bathroom stone is very susceptible to pollution.
Therefore, it is best to choose a polished surface for bathroom marble, and to protect it before use, so that it can better protect the stone and easy to clean. Use a neutral cleaning agent to clean the surface, try to dry the stone surface as much as possible, and wipe it clean when there are pollutants on the stone surface.

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