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Marble Window sill stone

Last updated Jul 25, 2021

The conventional method of window sill stone and the details needed for compound rule

First of all, we still have to look at the foundation of the window sill. Generally like this

The flat method is that as long as the left and right side of the window frame is not directly against the corner wall, we usually add "ears".
The specific method is to add 30mm to the base width and 50mm to the outside of the length. As shown

The usual practice of the front outer edge is to thicken the edge and grind the small beveled edge or the small 1/4 arc edge (we generally say double-sided).

Then when the left and right sides of the window sill are only within 80mm from the nearest corner wall,
we usually make the original 50mm length on this side directly according to the actual size, so as not to leave a gap.

The above method is just a conventional method. When the window needs to be lined, the width and length of the window sill stone
should be determined according to the thickness and width of the line of the window cover to determine the increased size, which needs to be determined according to specific requirements.
There are also other complicated methods on the outer edge of the front of the window sill, such as French edge, European edge, large round edge, linear edge and so on.

The interior decoration is made up of details. Let's talk about the details that need to be paid attention to when the window sill and bay window stone are compounded.

细节一,窗户是否安好Detail one, whether the windows are in good condition

The window sill stone at the window position is generally used as the indoor side of the window frame, so the window sill stone at the window position needs to be installed and fixed when the precise size
of the order is placed. In this way, the area of the sill stone can be determined.

Detail two, conventional practice

Detail three, whether there is a window cover
Some customers will choose window cover for window position, so when measuring the window sill stone, you need to determine whether there is a window cover. If there is a window cover,
you need to determine the thickness of the window cover line and the width of the cover wall, so that it is convenient to determine the window sill stone. The size of the ears.

Detail four, the length of the window sill
The width of the window sill stone is generally selected by choosing the largest width among the three points on the left, middle and right of the window sill, so as to ensure that the minimum size of the
window sill stone protruding from the wall foundation can be guaranteed.
Detail five window sill segmentation
Some window sills or bay windows are relatively long, and the material selected by the customer may not meet the length of the window sill stone. In this case, the window sill stone needs to be made in sections.
The principle of segmentation is that the general location of the segment is the position of the window mullion, or it is divided into three or more segments, and generally not evenly divided into two segments.

Detail six, floor-to-ceiling windows
Floor-to-ceiling windows generally appear on the balcony of the living room. The sills of floor-to-ceiling windows are generally not high and close to the ground.
The height of the window sill can be used to determine the method;
1. It can be double-sided within 15mm above the ground;
2. It is 15- above the ground. 100mm, you can directly make a straight corner floor;
3. If it is more than 100mm above the ground,
you can choose to make a right angle or a normal double-sided window sill.

Detail eight whether the position of the window interacts with the cabinet or other shapes
When placing an order for the window sill stone, the general cabinets and other shapes have not been installed yet, so it is necessary to make sure that the windows
will not be the same as other cabinets or other shapes, and whether the window sill is normal or needs to be adjusted slightly.

Detail nine, consult customers or designers if they have special requirements
For the position of window sills and bay windows, customers and designers sometimes have special requirements. This requires active consultation to avoid redo later.

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