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Common black marble, which one do you think is the best seller

Last updated Sep 18, 2021

Black stone is more and more widely used in decorative design Gradually become the darling of high-end design
What are the most popular black marbles on the market?

Portoro marble

Physical properties:
Compression resistance: 212Mpa
Flexural resistance: 22.4Mpa
Water absorption: 0.054%
Description: Black gold flowers are divided into large flowers, medium flowers, small flowers, etc. according to the effect of the layout. According to the effect of the pattern, they can also be divided into two types:
one with fine grained golden yellow and the other with banded grayish white. The layout effect is beautiful and each has its own merits. 
Layout features:
The background color is black, the pattern is golden yellow, the fine lines, and the luminosity is good. The basic color is black, and the golden yellow markings are intermittently distributed evenly in stripes,
just like a layer of yellow golden flowers sprinkled on a black satin surface, giving people a sense of stability and nobility, and it shows its unique magnificence after use. , Gorgeous and noble, it is a rare good product in stone.
Wall finishes, floors, countertops, pillars and background walls, etc.

Plateau Impression
Category: Quartzite
Features: The texture is similar to the wood texture, and its performance advantages such as hardness, wear resistance, stain resistance, waterproof and corrosion resistance are unmatched by any wood.
Scope of application: home countertops
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Port Laurent
Port Laurent
Category: Marble
Features: The background color is black, the lines are simple and neat, like a straight line interspersed in it, the thickness is harmonious, so that the entire layout appears clear, neat and regular, whether it is the color matching or the texture structure,
it looks very comfortable, simple, generous, and elegant Simple black and white tones
, black stone brings people's mysterious imagination and diffusion of thoughts, perfectly showing the luxurious and high-end atmosphere.
Scope of application: ground, wall, background wall

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Silver Dragon

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