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Calacatta violet marble

Last updated Jul 27, 2021

Calacatta violet marble product history

Is there anything that won't go out of date? 
I think it's real and unique

Romantic Italy has the world's top wines and marbles.
Once, God chose rough sculptures from a white marble mine and knocked over a red wine glass...
As a result, the marble in this producing area was "stained" with the color and aroma of wine.

As a result, the charming Calacatta violet marble has followed the romance of the country,
Different spaces are decorated with elegant temperament.

Royal marble for Girafe restaurant in Paris, France
The French project their romantic and elegant nature into every detail,
The flickering candlelight loomed through the wine glass on the Calacatta violet marble tabletop.
A taste of wine, a romantic date seems to be about to begin..

Enter the Girafe restaurant in Paris, France,
A new world that combines Italian and French styles is slowly unfolding,
This is Calacatta violet marble

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