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Ariston White marble

Last updated Oct 24, 2021

Ariston white marble 

Ariston White originated from Greece. It is a kind of high-grade marble among white building materials. Its color is as white as jade, with fine grains, very pure white, inlaid with very pure gray, with few lines and natural texture.
It is so charming and impossible. Imagine. Beautiful and elegant, but soft in texture, it is a kind of delicate stone. Because the high-quality white marble is the whitest among all the stones.


Ariston white marble Old quarry

Ariston white marble New quarry

Features: Originated in Greece, with diagonal stripes and dotted flowers.
Physical properties:
Bulk density: 2.63g/cm3
Compression resistance 130Mpa
Flexural resistance 11.12Mpa
Water absorption rate 0.18%

Level classification:

Ariston White Premium: The fine lines on the white background are evenly distributed without defects.
Ariston White Level I: Fine lines on the white background are evenly distributed, with few defects.
Ariston White Standard Grade: No requirements for background color, many defects.

In terms of space application, because of its hard and delicate texture, Yashi White is suitable for modern style. Because of its quiet, elegant, soft and simple decoration style, it is loved by modern young people. The modern and simple style reveals a low-key Luxurious beauty.


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